Mini Rodini launch new upcycled home items

Swedish childrenswear brand Mini Rodini is releasing a limited collection of upcycled products for you and your little one, made from leftover fabric.


 1737011310 2 mini rodini bengal tiger pillow case white

It’s a well-known fact that textile production generates large amounts of material waste. What we can do is to minimize the waste and take better care of it. Every year, Mini Rodini collects leftover fabric from previous productions to create new products with a new purpose. The use of leftover fabric makes each collection very limited and every item one-of-a-kind, but most importantly it helps to decrease our mutual environmental impact.

1737010233 3 mini rodini zebra star baby blanket pink


On the 19th of April, Mini Rodini will release new blankets and pillowcases.

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