3 tips for forest bathing (shinrinyoku) by Erin Niimi Longhurst

Erin Niimi Longhursts book Japonism explores the Japanese art of finding contentment and includes practical tips and tricks to live a happier, healthier and more thoughtful life. How do you practice mindfulness in the unpredictability and chaos of everyday life? Erin guides you to try shinrinyoku (forest bathing). It’s kind of like meditating amongst the trees, and it is also known as forest therapy.  Here Erin gives her 3 tips best. 

3 tips to someone who wants to try shinrinyoku (forest bathing).

1. Leave your devices at home – this isn’t for checking updates or taking selfies!

2. Look for natural phenomena. My favourite thing about the Japanese language are the beautiful words they have for things. Komorebi, for example, means the light that comes filtered through the trees. Kawaakari means the light that reflects on a river at night, or kogarashi – a specific type of wind, that might shake the leaves off of trees.

3. Don’t follow a map, or follow a set path, wander freely.


The author

Name  Erin Niimi Longhurst
Family British father, Japanese mother – grew up in New York, Tokyo and London
Live Currently living in London
Interest  Food, travel, calligraphy, photography
Author of the book Japonism.


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