Meet the waves new blogger, with a passion for legumes, Divya Jagasia

Name Divya Jagasia
Family My family in Sweden and my cat that is living the good life in California
Live Södermalm, Stockholm
Interest Food, specifically pulses, gardening, music, travel, walks, a bit o fashion and art

Hi Divya and welcome to The waves we make. We are so happy to have you here.  Tell us what we are going to read on your blog Shoots & Tendrils?

My passion in life is to incorporate more pulses into my daily life, sometimes as they are, and sometimes completely transforming them into other things, which is also fun.  I come from India and America, two very different food cultures, and love using their influence in how I cook, so there are always exciting things cooking at my place, one day some nachos and another day a dal!

You are the chairwoman of Swedish legume society. (Baljväxtakademin). What is your favorite legume? 

It’s tough to pick a favorite because at university I learnt that variety is the key to health so eating various kinds of pulses, veggies, fruits and grains are the key to a wholesome life. So change it up!

What is sustainability for you?

Sustainability is keeping the environment in mind and it should be a no-brainer for everyone because we’re seeing the extreme effects of global warming destroying the earth and that impacts everyone. I believe everyone can be a little more sustainable; no one is perfect, and all your little choices count and add up, because there are many ways of being more sustainable, like eating local, seasonal and more pulse-based instead of meat and dairy based, and many other inspiring ways can be found on The Waves We Make!

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You’ve lived and traveled to many places. Which kitchen do you prefer to eat and/or cook in?

That’s a tough question. I loved my parents’ kitchen in New Jersey because I helped them design it while growing up and also built a garden with raspberries in them, but we have had to sell it off now, so I’d have to say my sister’s kitchen in Santa Cruz, California which is open-plan and overlooks her vegetable garden, what more could you ask for out of life? Also, my grandparents’s kitchen in Bombay because it also overlooks their garden where pineapples, ginger and curry leaves grow in abundance.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I get my inspiration from traveling and also my Indian heritage, where pulses are a mainstay and there’s an endless variety of vegetarian food that most people have never eaten before, it really fascinates me. I also spent my most formidable years in America and was very much inspired by the comfort foods there, and brunch culture.

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What do you do on a free Saturday?

During farmers’ market season, you will always find me at the farmers’ market, but before that, a cozy breakfast at my favorite cafe with a good cup of watery coffee (I drink Swedish coffee diluted with hot water because it’s just too strong for me and love it this way — it shocks most coffee connoisseurs).

What is happening in 2019 for you?

This year I am finally attending Expo West, a food conference in Los Angeles, which has been on my bucket list for a while ; It will be good to network with like-minded people in the food world. I have also started consulting in plant-based matters like pulses and am working on exciting products that are coming out this year and next year. Also, organizing a local tempeh tasting in Stockholm because there are such amazing products out there and it would be fun to analyze them with other pulse nerds.


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