8th of March – International Women’s Day

Tomorrow, 8th of March is the official International Woman’s Day. It is a day to globally celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. It is also a day of examination. What can I do in my everyday to achieve equality amongst the genders? Furthermore, what can the fashion industry do? Fashion is indeed an industry dominated by women and therefore this day is especially important.


Swedish fashion brand House of Dagmar take matters into their own hands and proposes “Women’s Week”, since just one day is not enough. To celebrate and raise awareness they created the Lykke Scarf.  All profit from this scarf will go directly to the organisation Voice 4 Girls. An organisation focusing on enabling marginalized adolescent girls in India to take charge of their futures by imparting critical knowledge, spoken English, and life skills through activity-based camps. So if you don’t know how else to celebrate this day, at least you know you can buy a scarf and contribute to a better and more sustainable future.


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