Swedish Stockings and Why We Desperately Need Them

I wear dresses or skirts everyday. Jeans are just not for me. Wearing dresses means I go through lots of pantyhose each year, especially now in wintertime. You wear them one day and when you get home there’s almos always a new tear. In other words, pantyhose captures the real essence of non-sustainable clothing. They are designed to break after only one use, they are made from petroleum, i.e. a non-renewable fossil fule, and the process requires huge amounts of water. Yet, I wear them everyday from October to March.

So, whats the alternative? The alternative came just a few years ago and it’s a Swedish invention. The company is called Swedish Stocking and they produce pantyhose and socks using the left-overs of other nylon products that is non-biodegradable. And they do it with style.


As a second step towards a more sustainable pantyhose, Swedish Stocking also started a recycling program. If you send in three or more of your old pantyhose, any brand and condition is fine, you will receive a 30% discount in return to use in their web-shop.  It just doesn’t get better than this for a girl who wears pantyhose everyday.

PHOTO: courtesy Swedish Stockings
PHOTO: courtesy of Swedish Stockings

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