Many might associate sustainable fashion with old school techniques and materials – that’s not the case at all. With new technology we can reduce waste and recycle fibers in a never before seen way. Take 3D printing for example; using this technique means there will never be any excess material. No spill means no wasted resources, which is the really the essence of sustainable production.

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Last Friday the 7th of April in New York Adidas launched their new shoe with a 3D printed sole. By partnering with Silicon Valley start-up Carbon Adidas plans to start mass-producing this shoe already in 2018. Reuter writes that Carbon’s technology will allow Adidas to make small batches of shoes far more quickly than with prior used technology. Small production runs were not economical before as the metal molds for most soles needed to be used 10,000 times to pay for themselves, and they take four to six weeks to cast and grind. This is a part of a broader push to react faster to changing fashions and create more customized products. Already today Adidas lets people customize the color and pattern of shoes ordered online but with the new 3D printing techniques will make small production runs, limited edition shoes and even soles designed to fit an individual’s weight and step. Read more HERE.

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Imagine a wardrobe where every piece fits you perfectly. No blisters and no uncomfortable seams. Retailers won’t have to stock up on sizes because your size will be made in front of your eyes. There will be no excess fabric because the exact amount will be calculated beforehand. The future is bright.

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