Miroslava Duma
Miroslava Duma

August 2017 marks the first edition of the fashion magazine Marie Claire’s Sustainability Issue; an issue completely devoted to sustainability and environmental causes within the fashion industry.

The Magazine is filled with interviews and articles by some of the most prominent players in sustainable fashion today, for example guest-editor Miroslava Duma. Furthermore they bring politics into the picture by talking about the current situation in the US including president Trump leaving the Paris Agreement. Marie Claire’s Editor-in-Chief Anne Fulenwider says “When we first sat down a year ago to talk about climate change we never dreamed that by the time we published this, the United States would have pulled out of the groundbreaking 2016 Paris Agreement ratified by 148 countries to battle climate change. Like many of you, we were shocked to find the U.S. in the company of Syria and Nicaragua on the very short list of countries that have not signed on to take action in this global climate effort.” Read her full article on the issue here.

Creative Director Nina Garcia draws attention to major problem when interviewing Miroslava Duma. She asks, “How do you lift the stigma surrounding sustainability and make it a more appealing subject?” To exemplify, this spring when Swedish fast fashion company Gina Tricot released a music video in an effort to talk about sustainability the backlash was deadly. There seems to be some unspoken ruling on who and how we talk about sustainability. Miroslava Duma has the perfect answer, “Sustainability shouldn’t be a blame game. The conversation needs to be positive, and the approach should be solutions-driven. Instead of shaming companies about not making more of an effort, we should champion every little step they’re taking in the right direction. We shouldn’t say, ”Well, you’re not doing enough.” We should say, ”OK, great. Every little bit counts. Let’s continue moving in that direction.” Read the full article here.


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