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Johanne Stenstrup is the danish girl behind the fashionblog “bedre mode.” She always focus on sustainable fashion, both IRL and online.

bedre mode the waves we make

You run the blog “bedre mode” (better fashion). What is it about?  

My blog is about all thing sustainable fashion, but mainly where to shop it. I am obsessed with finding new sustainable fashion brands and trying them out, and I am on a mission to make sustainable fashion more accessible.

How would you describe your own style? 

My own style is a mix of casual and preppy, I would say. I love shirts, mainly blue and white, and I feel best when I am wearing a shirt. But I don’t want to look to preppy or cooperate, so jeans and sweaters are my main additions to a good shirt.
bedre mode the waves we make

What is your favourite piece? 

Right now, it is my Aiayu Brigida Sweater. It is the newest addition to my closet, and it is super casual, but can also be styles super chic – on second place comes my Nudie Jeans boyfriend jeans.

When did your interest in fashion start?  

I have always been interested in fashion, I think. Was drawing from a little girl, and sewing on my mom’s machine all summer long. But then I had a long period, where I though I should do politics. But it was never really me, and I was always the one showing up to a panel debate with pink glittery nails. True story, and I was on the panel. Then I just decided to do something else, and applied to a fashion course and got in.

bedre mode the waves we make

How are you going to dress this autumn?  

I am going to be layering lost of shirts and knits in different shapes. Forget the old pull-over, and try something else.

Also I am going to be transitioning my shirt-dresses into duster jackets and wear over jeans

What is the fashion norm in Copenhagen? 

Dark, mainly black and white, and a little boring. Though I fit right in, I sometimes think it would be nice if somebody broke the norms. But I just think scandinavian style is a little more pulled back, and not so adventurous. Maybe it is the weather?

 What does sustainable fashion mean to you?

For something to be truly sustainable in my eyes, it needs to be; good quality and made with care for humans and the planet. I called my blog “bedremode” (better fashion) in the realisation that many things are not 100 % sustainable – they might be better, but there is still a long way to go. I want to support every step of the way, no matter where a brand is starting, be it in environmental friendly materials – like the high street brands we are seeing entering the scene – or working condition, like many smaller brands doing production in Europe.

bedre mode the waves we make

Why do you focus on sustainability?

I think because of my background in student politics, I had an eye for anything injustice. And there is not much justice in fashion being cheap for me, but ruining lives of the seamstress. It just came natural to me, that if I was gonna be in Fashion, I was gonna be in Sustainable Fashion.

What is happening this fall? 

I am writing my bachelor assignment and finishing my studies, so by january 2017 I will need a job. On the side I am focusing a lot of energy into Sustain Daily – a blognetwork and web magazine I started with other sustainable bloggers.

Take a look at Johannes blog Bedremode.

Check out Johannes favorites in Copenhagen.

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Text: Helena Johnzon Dahl
Photo: Johanne Stenstrup

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