HEMMA gone wild

Stockholm has long been an incubator of design and also an influencer in creative thinking and innovation. Now 16 graduates and alumni from Beckmans College of Design Stockholm, one of Sweden’s leading design colleges, make their appearance on the international design scene in the exhibition “HEMMA gone wild”. The exhibition, arranged by the Swedish Design Moves project and curated by Joyn Studio, showcases the most interesting of Swedish interior design with a focus on sustainability, nature and innovation. The exhibition invites visitors to experience an abstract and playful vision of home through an unfolding scenography, drawn by curiosity and a mood of mystery.

´HEMMA gone wild` — Swedish Design Moves

The exhibition is a follow-up to the 2018 project “HEMMA – Stories of Home”, which featured 11 Beckmans’ graduates and alumni together with well-known Swedish companies and designers aiming to improve the lifestyles of the individual and of the community through a functional and aesthetic approach to space and furnishings.

The exhibition has been made under the guidance of Visit Sweden that leads the initiative set up by the Swedish government in 2017. The programme is led by Visit Sweden in collaboration with Architects Sweden, the Swedish Fashion Council, the Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture and The Swedish Society of Crafts and Design.

Jennie Adén graduated in 2018. The boxes and stools are a part of her degree project Down to Earth. Through her interest for the Swedish nature she based her degree project on the device ”digging where you stand” and made products from local raw material.


The Michelin Chair is a voluminous wooden chair expressing the natural characteristics of the material such as structure and colour


The vases are inspired by a Midsummer table setting in Dalarna where the table was decorated with potatoes. The shapes of the potatoes led her to a vase that makes low table decorations possible. The glass is blown through a metal mold giving each vase a unique feel. The vase was awarded this year’s glass scholarship from Svenskt Tenn.


Tider och datum hittar du på Beckmans



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